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Update by user May 28, 2013

Yet another thing I failed to mention this was a beaded liner - there was nothing the installer could do to reduce the wrinkles any more than he already had. Leisure Living recommended taking sand out of the bottom - that would not have fixed the issue...the liner was too large in every aspect. I'm sorry but under no circumstance should you have 3 or 4" of extra material when the seam is sitting in the middle of the cove.

Update by user May 28, 2013

I incorrectly listed the liner size. The pool is a 27' x 52" and the liner which I purchased from Leisure Living / was the same size (27x52).

Original review posted by user May 28, 2013

We purchased a used pool and needed a new liner in order to have it installed at our place. I went out of my way to do some research ahead of time. I researched the manufacturer of the pool and even contacted them to ensure this model (Atlantic J5000 aka J5) still had parts available and that it was a true 27'. Just a few days weeks ago I purchased a pool liner from Leisure Living / this was a cobblestone style liner 25mil thick for a 27' x 54" pool

When the installer came out and went to place the liner in he knew immediately there was a problem. It wasn't very warm that day maybe 67F and this liner was just plain TOO big. He double checked the wall ring of the pool to insure it in fact was a true 27' and this liner had wrinkles all over the walls and floor it was terrible. So with a water truck on the way I'm frantically calling Leisure Living to see what the deal was. Long story short they were under the impression I purchased the pool and liner from them however once they learned the pool was used they immediately just pointed the finger at that being the issue. I called the manufacturer of the pool once more to triple check I had the right model and its size was true and they assured it was. So I have the manufacturer and the installer telling me its the liner yet Leisure Living insists its the pool. I ended up eating the cost and living with a horrible looking install thanks to them. I wish I would have taken the time to research Leisure Living as I did everything else in this endeavor. Keep in mind there was nothing installation wise that would have fixed this issue the liner was excessively large in both depth AND diameter. The installer tried to smooth the floor out to make cleaning the pool in the future easier and that resulted in about a 3" flap on the wall - THAT is how out of spec this liner is. Do yourself a favor - spare the headache - this IS one of those scenarios where you get what you pay for. If I would have spend $100 more I wouldn't have had all these issues.

Keep in mind the attached photos are with the liner smoothed as much as possible to reduce floor wrinkles and held in place with a vacuum until the water was delivered.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Branson, Missouri, United States #1186512

By the looks of your pictures, you and your "installer" don't know a whole lot about above ground pools and liner installations.

You can see you have WAY TOO MUCH OF "SOMETHING" in the coves. What ever it is, it IS YOUR PROBLEM.

Besides, it's also very interesting (with all the work you put into this) that no where do we see images of a tape measure on the "bare-walls" nor on a relaxed liner outside the pool, or at least unattached from the pool? These things aren't difficult, and since you don't want anyone to see your coves, and you didn't put any proof of any measurements, I'd say it and this complaint surfaced from some "other" issue of your own making.

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